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Best Seafood Restaurants in Bangkok

BEST SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS IN BANGKOK In Thailand, there are unarguably countless number of great restaurants all over the country especially in Bangkok. As large parts of the country are connected to the ocean, seafood culture does take a big role in Thai cuisine. Even though there is no beach in Bangkok, today’s logistic is so efficient and well managed, so that a lot of seafood that you get in the city remains fresh by the time it gets to the markets, restaurants, and you the consumers. It would not be surprising that the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok are the best seafood restaurants in Thailand. @ CAFÉ DE NÎMES RESTAURANT HOURS: EVERYDAY FROM 18.30 – 22.00 HRS. PRICE: THB 1,199++ PER PERSON With that confidence of modern day’s logistic and the quality of our selected fine ingredients, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok would proudly present that our renowned in-house Café De Nîmes Restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok. We are so confident that instead of having “Grand Seafood Dinner Buffet” on Fridays and “Grand Sunday Brunch Buffet” on Sundays, from now on, we will be having “Grand Seafood Dinner Buffet” everyday. Yes, you have read that correctly. Today, you can enjoy one of the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok every evening from 18.30 hrs. to 22.00 hrs. for THB 1,199++. Additionally, children aged between 2 and 12 get 50% off. Everyday at the dinner buffet, there will be a fine selection of fresh prawns, scampi, oysters, mussels, clams on ice, or have them prepared the way you would enjoy. Additionally, there will also be a selection of our signature recipes including Seafood Paella, and Pan Seared Dory. A variety of desserts and fresh fruits will also be available to finish off your evening perfectly. Experience one of the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok at this 5 star Sukhumvit hotel today with your friends and family tonight by simply reserve your table on +662-207-9999 or simply complete the online booking form below.

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