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Sao Chingcha, the Giant Swing!

If you want to show a photo of Bangkok’s landmark to your friends or family, the Giant Swing or Sao Chingcha is one of the best choices! It is located at the heart of Bangkok and in front of the first rank royal temple, Wat Suthat. The Giant Swing was built in 17th century but it was once destroyed by thunderbolt and was renovated regularly.  According to the Brahmin belief, it served for swing ceremony. Despite its 22 meter height, a group of men would swing on it each year to thank Gods for abundant harvest. However, it caused several deaths and injuries as the swingers falling down. Therefore, the swing ceremony was cancelled for a century but the Giant Swing is still one of the most outstanding constructions and the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok.


Nearby the Giant Swing are Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall and the most prestige temple called Wat Suthat. According to a belief, the temple was constructed to project the beautiful Suthat Mountain that located in the center of the heaven. Mural paintings detailing about Lord Buddha’s 24 incarnations, angels activities in the heaven, Thai nobles and Thai commoners were painted with both western and Thai painting techniques.

Apart from religious architectures, you might wish to visit Kaosarn Road, the popular night street and night clubs in the same neighborhood.  You can call mini taxi or TukTuk to take you there with cheap price. You can both enjoy the ride and traditional architectures in the old city of Bangkok, Phra Nakorn. We hope you will come to experience both cultural sight-seeing and lively night life in Bangkok!



24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can visit the Giant Swing anytime all year round!

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