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A huge, three-headed elephant statue standing upon an equally gargantuan pedestal is the first, and last, thing you see when visiting Samut Prakan’s Erawan Museum Bangkok. It’s a splendid, towering beast: 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in a pure green-hued copper. From conception to completion it took almost ten years to construct. With a proud, war-like demeanor and trunks the size of ancient Banyan Trees, this is an epic image of Hindu mythology’s Airavata (otherwise known as Erawan) you’ll never forget.

Therefore, each floor of the Erawan Museum Bangkok symbolizes the Thai belief of the universe. The basement represents the underwater world meanwhile the first floor represents Mount Meru, which is the centre of the universe according to the Buddhist belief.

The highest level, in the elephant’s belly, represents the heaven above Mount Meru. The softly lit ground floor exhibits various precious antiques and the figure of the naga human which is a half serpent. The upper level is beautifully decorated with the intricate stucco moulding with five-coloured porcelain inlays, fanciful supporting pillars and stain glasses.The top level is adorned with the exquisite art depicting the solar system and it is where the ancient Buddha images are housed.

Open Hours : Daily, 08.00 – 17.00 hrs

Admission fees:  Adult 150 Baht, Children (6-15 yrs ) 50 baht

For Taxi : Samut Prakarn, Museum Chang Erawan

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